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Hello everyone my name is Cantou, welcome to my website Since I was 20 years of age, I've suffered from a chronic back pain, I've tried numerous pain products out there but none of them seems to work.

As someone at that time with limited resources and lack of access to medical care, no guidance or any help whatsoever.

The pain was hard for me to manage!

There was one thing I was doing though, I always make sure to take my home herbal remedy, as it's helps with the inflammation.

It was always my dream to come up with a natural way to manage my back pain, where I don't have to seek surgery to gain comfort or have a little pharmacy at my house.

Here it is now during years of suffering I was able to conduct my own research, the result is amazing! which I'm getting ready to share with you.

Now I'm 90% free of pain!

Being someone who managed an extreme back pain for the past 33 years and now my back feels better than when I was in my 20s.

While many out there suffering with the same issue, I think I can make a different by making my experience beneficial to others who are suffering with body mechanism deficiency like I do.

A Little Story about my Back Pain

I first started having back pain when I was 20 years old. At that time I was in school while pursuing my soccer dream.

It started by feeling a little pinch in my lower center back, most of the time when I'm practicing soccer, but after soccer practice I feel better though!

at that time I did not worry too much about it until I was about 29 years old, when I felt while walking on a wet floor. Now I realise that falling on the floor or not at that time my back would have still ended up hurting.

The disk or joint when inflammation take over them, anything could aggravated it! that which can be laying down on your bed, sitting down with poor posture control, miss-stepping etc. there could be a variety of things that trigger it when allow the inflammation to take control.

The pain started to be very annoying. I could not perform the way I used to be during my soccer practice. I said to myself “I have to do something about it” as the pain was getting excruciating.

Seeking medical help

Now that I'm schedule for a CT scan exam; the result revealed that I have an L5 – S2 disk inflammation. I asked my doctor how should I proceed from here? He responded “I'm going to order you a Cortisone shot followed by physical therapy” I responded; would that make me feel better? The doctor responded absolutely, and said ok doctor.

My doctor scheduled my injection and let me know the date and a brief description about the procedures that about to take place including anesthesia etc.

As, it is the first time going through a procedure that required that much medical attention! At first it scares me a little then I got adjusted.

Three days after injection, I still did not feel any relief, I asked myself why I went through all this procedure and not getting any relief whatsoever?

At that time I thought I would be paralyzed by the time I reached 50 years old. I keep on thinking that there has to be a way to overcome the pain.

A month later after the injection I started physical therapy. My suffering was already easing out considerably from the time it flares up to the length it takes to set up all procedures before injection could take place.

Body mechanics at the physical therapist was great. I did not know if it is being the PT that helped me or not. It usually takes about the same time for the pain to go away on its own prior to the procedures, using natural home remedy and stretches.

Now I'm totally confused!

Over the years I've tried many treatments including body massages, natural tea (especially turmeric), stretching, jogging etc. Hey….. went it flares up it doesn't matter what you do or take it going to hurt!

I've learned that a combination of herbal tea treatment combine with the right body mechanism stretches, a good bed to sleep and a good diet could make a big difference in your life.

I am going to take the opportunity to share with you, how I was able to manage my back pain, with little or no pain at all for the past 5 years.

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In my lifetime I've seen so many people that's suffer from body mechanism deficiency, who don't have the funds it takes to keep on going back and forth to a treatment establishment for recovery.

You can be in the comfort of your home and fix yourself with these simple practices, as long as you are consistent .

After monitoring my progress over the years with such great success; I decided to build this website in other to share my success with people that may be enduring a severe chronic back pain like I do.

How to respond to your inflammation, does matter!

Remember, Inflammation causes by arthritis, comes and goes, due to whether changes condition, food that  we eat also is a big huge contributing factor.

It doesn't go away forever and as far as we all know there is no cure for this type of inflammation as yet!

Although you may be doing something to alleviate your pain It will always keep come back.

The best way is  to manage it!

if you practice my pain management solutions, you are most likely to be pain free at 90% most of the time and avoid extreme flare-ups that may paralyze your body for weeks or months , before you can back to normal if any!

If you ever need some help or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to reach back.

Stay tune there is a lot more to com!

All the best,