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Created July 10, 2020,

Support your back wearing comfortable bras.

You should wear a comfortable bra to support your back every time you do exercise, going to work or doing anything that's require excessive move of the body, which all is part of our daily lives.

This is apply to a lot of people with a heavier breast size.

According to most people, it's most likely to see someone who suffer from back pain has a bigger boobs than the one who don't experience the uncomfortableness of back pain.

By treating yourself with a comfortable bra, it helps you carry-on your day with little to no pain or stress.

Wear a comfortable bra may help with the posture, increase good mood ect.


Beside using a Comfortable bra to support your back, I recommend my four side stretches to help maintain a perfect balance.

Indeed the four sides stretching strategy can also alleviate back pain associated with heavier breast.

Heavy breast could lead to postural deformities if not paying attention at the beginning and can cause extreme back pain. For sure, the four side stretch keeps the posture centered.

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