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Most of us know when it's come to pain, none of them can top lower back pain as it affect your entire posture, it is often referred to sometime as “pain in the …”

After years of suffering from back pain, I was able to come up with some best practices to helps me manage the low back pain that was causing so many fears in my life. Due to my success following those practices, I decided to share my experience with my audience through my website backpainfixe.com

Arthritis, is one of the common form of back pain that can make you crawl like a baby, and I've learned that anyone can manage your arthritis pain naturally without have to depend on or addicted to any drugs.

In this article I will share with you some practices that I've implemented over the years to come up with some specific ones that work the best to make a quicker recovery when encounter sudden flares.

The same process that I used to help me wipe out most of the pain and be pain free for about 90 to 100% at all time. So far it stays pretty consistent for 5 consecutive years now, I think that's pretty good for someone with arthritis!

Let's dive In.

How do I respond to the inflammation

  • I introduce a daily stretch series, (this is when completely losing control of the body) starting with a 5 minutes cardio, which could be Biking, treadmill, walking or even running outdoor when it feels comfortable to do so
  • When it's flares up the pain could be pretty tough, this is why I learn to manage the joints and the muscles the right way so they dont get to that extent. By doing this daly it keeps the body in check and minimize inflammation risk
  • Followed with the yoga rope very useful to keep the leg from retracting as arthritis will do that to the muscles. I exercise
  • with a specific type of Ropes as they are firm, good grip, multiple stretches posture and better control over all, they supposed to be the oldest in the market as well 
  • I try the elastic type of rope before and the result was not the same as they are stretched and less control. Over the years I found that posture control is one of the best key strategy to overcome sudden flare up
  • My four sides bend to keep the body centered, This includes: 5 second hold forward bend; 5 second hold backward bend; 5 second hold each left and right side bend, increase holding time as progress is made
  • I use hot pack before exercise to help loosen the muscles
  • I use cold pack after exercise to cool down the muscles. I perform those exercises combined with some other practices that

    will share with you down the road to keep me moving almost pain free for the past 5 years.

    Forward bend:

  • I first started by standing up with the both legs locked, (legs straight as possible without bending)
  • Bend forward slowly to reach as far as I can and a pain level that I can tolerate, than stop
  • Hold in place and count to 5 to 10 seconds then release (go-slow when just started) increase count as progress is made
    Note: It almost impossible to reach the floor when first started, as seeing in the picture, it's a work in progress to reach that goal.

Backward bend:

Backward bend
  • Stand straight up with legs locked
  • Hold waist with both hands
  • Start bending backward slowly to reach as far as I can and a pain level that I can tolerate, than stop
  • Hold in place and count to 5 to 10 seconds then release (go-slow when just started) Increase count as progress is made
Side stretch to the left:
  1. Stand straight up with legs lock in place
  2. Raise right hand straight up in the air
  3. Cross right hand about one foot to the left above the head
  4. Slowly bend toward the left until feeling the pull on the right side, then stop
  5. Count 5 to 10 seconds then release
Side stretch to the right:

Repeat step 1 to 5 on the opposite side, increase count as progress is made

Exercise phase 2

This is when starting to feel a little release with the inflammation. Now I'm looking to straighten the muscles in other to gain the balance that I'm looking for.

Remember once the inflammation flares up it's a slow process to recovery, this is why it's absolute to start exercise slowly than increase as the body demand.

Well I learn the lesson the hard way, over the years I learn that: keeping up with the stretches, the right diet and a comfortable bed, decrease further chances for inflammation.

Use what you already have in the house
  • Useful stuff around the house such as a strong table chair, this is when I started to feel just a little better from phase one
    Use your kitchen table chair to stretch your back

    stretching. Considering the time it's flares up, about 4 to 7 days later, depend on length of time waited to start stretching from the time it flares up as it could be a lot shorter than 4-7 days
    How to:

  • Sit on the chair as I normally do, starting with a straight back posture, I bring one leg up slowly across the other leg, for the first time it hurts like crazy, I take the time bringing the leg up slowly! I had to try several times before I reach the target which is to finally bring the leg up across the other leg
  • Of course, I use the hands to bring the leg up as it is hurting so much, there is no way to bring it up without some sort of help
  • Now that the leg is up, slowly I bring the chest toward the knee as far as I can tolerate the pain and hold for 5 to 10 seconds then release. I conduct this twice on each leg twice a day
    Using a rope to losing up your legs
  • Rope stretches: This is one of the most successful stretching that I never experienced before, it helps me gain strength and confidence especially during stairs climbing, as it help to align the joints.

Take the Diet in consideration

I realize when suffer from inflammation there are certain food that I shall avoid in other to minimize the risk of the inflammation been flared up, some of them are most of the time in how kitchen right within our reach.

Just to name a few:

Fried food: Processed food, High fructose corn Sugars or syrup, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive Salt consumption, Refined Carbs, gluten etc.

Although all this food are worsened the inflammation but we cannot stay away completely from them as a lot of them are usually part of our cooking diet, but at least I manage to consume them moderately which is a big factor when it's come to inflammation.

Now Considering on how I Sleep

One of the specific time the back hurt a lot is when getting out of bed in the morning, It used to happen every morning until I conduct research on the mattress that I was sleeping on.

I find that using a good bed can help regulate your posture by a greater margin than you think, then I made an upgrade to a posture control bed.

After combine the exercises, take good control of the diet and made that superb bed purchased, I went from 50 to 80% pain free. I think this was a great milestone to reach.

Time to rejoice!

Well the effort has paid off

As I focus on these essential exercises I see progress day after day.

My inflammation used to flare up every time a season changed, since I introduce these series of exercise, control the diet regimen, sleep on a bed that control the posture, I can tell you this, the life is change for the better.

At this moment, the inflammation is still somewhat making appearance but with very little impact on the body movements.

I know not all of you are able to adapt to certain exercise by yourself, however I have found this platform seems to be very reliable. You can check it out here.

Now I'm a pain free man at 90% most of the time.

Best equipment & gear to help manage a good posture

Minimize your lower back pain, using natural resources that won't degrade your life span. After extensive research I found those equipment and gears to be one of best in the market, base on comfort and durability.

  • A good recumbent bike, Treadmill, me personally I prefer outdoor running or walking when it comes to treadmill
  • You need a stretching rope, I recommend the firm ones but not the elastic ones for a better grip and control click here for a good rope
  • A good mattress to sleep, to help maintain the good posture you gain from exercise click here
  • You need to consumed food with less inflammation rate, a guide to food with less inflammation rate click here

Do not stop taking medication without consulting your doctor. The problems you could cause could be horrific, and dangerous. Also, the same goes for exercise. Speak to your doctor unless you know the cause of your pain.

If you are not comfortable to perform those exercises on your own, you can join with professional here to get help

I hope the article helps you with your arthritis, be well!

Let me know if there is anyway that I can help, leave a comment below or email to backpainfixe@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Best way to manage your pain

  1. I suffer from chronic pain and I have to say most of the points you make in this article are very good. It means people can take control of dealing with their pain using alternative methods. I would add another. That is to plan and pace yourself through the day so you don’t overdo yourself and cause more pain.

  2. What a great deal of information that you have given out in this awesome and interesting article I must give you a big thumbs up… I encountered an article like this on the internet and it changed my knowledge about Best Way To Manage Your Pain and gave me a new system to approach ExerciseI also had back pain which I slowly got rid of by exercising…My question to you is whether you need to change your diet to get rid of arthritis while exercising.thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Hello dear, thank you so much for the feedback. 

      To answer your question about Arthritis vs Diet…….Yes maintaining a good diet can definitely improve your arthritis pain and also can prevent you from attain the diseases. 

      Certain food that may increase the body inflammation risk, just to name a couple: High fructose corn syrup (HFCS), Artificial trans fat and a lot more.

      I’m working on a blog to specifically name some of the worst food to stay away from, when suffered from arthritis and how they affect your body.

      I hope you find my answer helpful. 

      Best regards,



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