CBD for Back Pain Relief

I use CBD to reduce my arthritis back pain, especially during flares up, it minimizes recovery time by half, It makes my muscles more relaxed when getting up In the morning.

I become to believe that using CBD can drastically improve the quality of pain sufferer lives for the better.

What is CBD

CBD is a natural herb that relaxes your body, mostly they use in some form edibles, oils to benefit people who suffered with many type of diseases including chronic pain disease, epilepsy and many more.

CBD is abbreviated for cannabidiol, it's been extracted from a sativa plant. CBD is the second active ingredient containing in cannabis (marijuana). CBD is an essential component derives from hemp which is coming from the same family as marijuana plant.

Cannabidiol: is a chemical compound found in cannabis plant, containing over 80 chemicals known as cannabinoids.

CBD is essential in medical marijuana especially in pain management, due to it ability to calm your muscles, and reduce your muscles pain.

Can CBD makes you high?

No, CBD is a non psychoactive component, extracted from marijuana plant, there far you cannot get high from it.

THC: Is the psychoactive ingredient containing in marijuana, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the primary active ingredient in marijuana, you'll get high from it.

CBD will not get you high but THC will, as marijuana is one of the variety in cannabis.

Is CBD is a drug

CBD is one of many compounds resides in cannabis plant, marijuana is one of the cannabis plant family, that contain multiple naturally occurring components, CBD is one of them.

In March 2020, the US Food & Drug Administration as approve one specific CBD drug product to treat some rare severe form of epilepsy.

US Food & Drug Administration have not just yet come up with a policy to regulate the CBD products, with that said you have to be on the lookout for the best products possible as there are so many of them in market.

Is CBD is Legal?

According to the U.S National Library of Medicine,

The 2018 farm bill that legislate CBD, removing low-THC hemp and it's derives from the plan, made it legal to sell hemp and hemp products in the U. S, however not all hemp-derived cannabidiol are legal.

How do you know which CBD products are legit in the market? as we all know there is no regulation in term of distribution or consumption, which is treated as any household products, such as spices in your kitchen, excerpt for those two specific kinds of epilepsy: Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome to be used In people two years of age or older.

There far using CBD for your pain could be a great thing, as there are so many benefits to gain, at the same time you should also very cautious about where your product is coming from before consuming. There shall be safety concern due to so many different products in the market!

What do we do at backpainfixe.com to make sure you have the best experience with CBD?

At backpainfixe.com we conduct a thorough research to make sure that the products we promote, are tested to be free of herbicides, pesticides or harmful solvents, which could be unsafe and unreliable to the consumers.



My testimony

My experience with ……. CBD is exceptional.

In September 2019 I injured myself from working out in the gym without knowing about it, until hours later when I cool off. I started to feel this stiffness on the left side of my leg, my thigh all the way down to my foot.

I tried everything you can imaging, no result, hot pack, cold pack you name it. After 6 weeks I went to see my Doctor, who referred me to a sport medicine doctor, after an MRI was done and showing nothing! Before the MRI he prescribed me Ibuprofen, which didn't do anything either but made me sick.

Now I'm freaking out for sure!

I went to the sport medicine doctor who prescribe me a load of drugs, instead of helping I was getting sicker as my body has a very low tolerance when it comes to drugs.

The prescribed med was putting me into more pain, as I could not climb stairs, driving was a complete mess, I was overwhelmed to a point where I thought that I was going to be paralyzed.

After a couple weeks I call the sport medicine doctor to tell them that I was feeling sicker than prior to the visit. They ask me to come in the office, which I did.

When I got there, the doctor interviewed me for about 3 minutes, than prescribed me another load of drugs on top of the ones that was already prescribed, when I went to pick up my prescribed medicine, the pharmacist hand me 3 additional drugs on top of the ones mention during the visit.

I waited one week, still no result, and also start developing allergy reaction with the drugs that I am taking, I couldn't swallow properly, it was a complete mess.

I call the doctor's office again, this time to conduct a second MRI test, well he went right ahead, order me an MRI test (second one), to revealed just a minor inflammation in my lower back, but I keep on telling the doctor, I don't feel any problem at all in my back, he persist that the pain is coming from my back.

I call the doctor this time to tell him, I'm going to stop exercises as I'm feeling worst, I told him exactly what I was about to do, he said OK.

OK, I stop going to the pain doctor, even though I know it was a major decision to take, but I just follow my body. I stop taking all the pain medication that was prescribed to me, as they were doing nothing but making me drowsy and sick.

I started a heat therapy combine with heat pack right on the sciatica nerve where the pain was the worst, I did it twice a day for a full week, about 20 minutes each, still no result in which, I usually get some result when dealing with my arthritis pain.

This time I head straight ahead to my computer to do some research. During my research I was able to find information about arthritis, sciatica nerve and so on.

After browsing for about 45 minutes, which was so hard to handle due to the extreme pick of the pain as I was trying to find something, anything, or whatever that can reduce this monster.

After reviewing a few pain products I found this unique oil product made of CBD with a fantastic review. I use it twice a day on the spot where it hurts the most and waiting for result.

Surprisingly, I had a good night sleep the very first day and wake up with lesser pain as well.

So I had a good experience with that specific CBD oil, even though the pain took sometime to go away completely as it was an injury from the gym affecting the sciatica nerve. But I was able to sleep at night and have better days than before I used it.

Best trusted CBD products in the market.

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